Licenced explosive technicians / Poisons & explosives precursors licence
We are happy to show examples of the effects you are looking for to make sure we get the exact look you and your client want on screen.
Below are examples of the equipment we have to achieve this for you.

Fire outside locations and studio
Flame throwers liquid or gas
Flame forks
Flame bars
Fish tails
Flame troughs
Artificial coals and logs for open fires
LPG gas hoses & regulators
Coloured flames- Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Or multi coloured effects
Fire extinguishers, water, foam and Carbon dioxide CO2 types.
Fire engines fully equipped for fire cover including self contained breathing apparatuses
Fire retardants Flametect for natural and synthetic materials
FLIR's Lepton IR Imaging camera for locating hot spots after fire effects
Pyrotechnics / Chemical effects
Professional wireless firing systems for pyrotechnic effects
Millisecond firing system for miniature or model explosions
Where millisecond timing between blasts is critical – motion control trigger available.
Small & light weight body worn remote firing devices for squibs & blood hits for stunt persons & actors.
Round & Vpan mortars for large explosions.
Pyrotechnic effects from hi explosives to fireworks undertaken.
Sweeny style co2 powered bullet hit guns creating ricochet spark & dust hits.
Gas mortars & propane cannons for large scale controlled repeatable explosions.
Coloured smokes and flares
Please contact for full list or let us know your requirements
Studio Smoke/ Out door
Ultra mist DMX smoke machines
Mini mist lemaitre smoke machines
Red devil small smoke machines
Colt smoke machines
Large volume Gas powered Outdoor smoke machines
Medium outside smoke machines
Smoke-Gun outside smoke machines
Artem outside smoke machines
Miniature remote controled smoke machine for small smoke effects.
Mist, Fog, Snow & atmospheric effects
Dry ice machines small (pea-souper)
Dry ice machines large( Londoner)
Small steam boilers
Portable steam generators
Snow various types
Snow trough- falling snow for stage
Electric Snow machines (snow boy) foam system.
Snow blankets.
Show snow .
Bubble machines & fluids normal and UV glowing + UV light cannon
Air cannons large and small remote and manual.
Rain /Water effects
Rain stands for outside locations and studio use
Rain window kits
Rain capture for keeping studio area dry.
Miles of hoses of various sizes
Metered regulation hydrants’ and stand pipes .
Water dump tanks
Coloured rain effects.
Wet down kits
Fully equipped working fire engines for large scale wet downs.
Water pumps large and small.
10,000L tanker with hot water. We have custom built two 70Kw deisel powered water heaters to enable us to heat the water before leaving base or while on location. Water can be heated up to 60 degrees C.
Specialised electronics & design
Electronic timers.
Specialised electronic control systems.
Electronic effects for stage magicians
Electronic display effects systems
Feel free to contact us for a free quote and consultation on the effects you have in mind
flame bars

Flame Bars

rain machine

Rain rigs

FLIR safety

Thermal image cameras for Fire safety

Digital firing systems

Digital pyrotechnic firing systems

fire safety