Especial Effects Co uses Hi-explosives, pyrotechnics, fireworks and safe compressed air simulated explosions where it may be dangerous or too confined to use explosives on set.
Flame forks, flame-bars, gas fish tails, flame troughs along with artificial coals and logs for open fires with Artem outside gas smoke machines and indoor electric smoke machines to create the effects that you will be looking for.
We undertake all types of effects not just limited to atmospherics and pyrotechnics if you have an idea that needs discussion then feel free to contact us on 07000 433332 or email we look forward to hearing from you.
powder paint explosion colour paint explosion cake explosion flame thrower
burning rose premier league cup 2018 goal post fire premier league cup 2018 fire FX fire foot prints
explosion large fire caravan burn car explosion gas explosion
heston fire cooker explosion falling sparks gold falling sparks ​​​​​​​