What we do and who we are

We have been creating special physical effects for over 17 years for a diverse client base from theatre, television productions, feature films, photographers and events throughout the UK and beyond. we specialising in atmospheric effects from explosions large and small, fire domestic and dramatic, rain and wet downs, smoke, dense fog to mist, along with bespoke electronic effects with fail-safes on all critical components in case of power loss, or other emergencies, custom designed redundantly checks and sensors give a status of our entire system whether it’s an Interactive lighting effect or Special electronic props.

Who We Are

Phil Anderson Special effects designer with over 21 years working with physical effects set up the Especial effects co back in 1997.
Specialist in small and large Explosive effects & Fire for stage and screen.
The current holder of a poisons & explosives licence.
inventor of steampunk devices.
Our team of talented technicians can create anything from big explosions to rainy days for your productions.


Our Strategy

To create safe and on budget physical effects with imagination and skilled technical know how to get the results you and your clients or audience come to expect from the UK based special effects company.